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Privacy Statement

ISM-Philadelphia is conscious that, in the course of its present or future activities, it may collect and use information provided by its members. In order to preserve the privacy rights of its members, the following principles will be applied by the Board and Management, and be enforced toward its members.

Contact Information
Contact Information collected from the members can only be made available to other members, for purposes none other than serving the Association's goal of promoting professional networkingand educational exchange strictly between its members. It will NOT be made available in any form to third parties by ISM-Philadelphia management and must not be communicated to third parties by members themselves.

Online Registration Forms

ISM-Philadelphia website visitors may need to use online registration forms to apply for ISM-Philadelphia membership, register for seminars, and so on. The information collected in these forms is used only to register you for membership or the program specified, may be retained to advise you of future meetings, or may become available to ISM when it relates their own operations. ISM-Philadelphia will not provide any of this information about you to any other third party.

Online Activities
In the future, areas of the ISM-Philadelphia website may offer the opportunity to participate in various online activities (i.e., networking directories, discussion forums, live chats, and so on) in which you may or may not provide content submissions. ISM-Philadelphia may request information from you if you opt to participate in these activities. Prior to your signing up for these activities, ISM-Philadelphia will explain the extent to which the information may be used. In the event ISM-Philadelphia wishes to use any of this information in any manner other than what you have previously agreed to, ISM-Philadelphia Staff will contact you for your permission

Members are advised that discussion forums and chat rooms are by design places where dialogue is collected and made available for concurrent or later viewing by forum or chat room participating members. While these exchanges may be edited for obvious grammatical errors or monitored for personal or inappropriate discussions, ISM-Philadelphia staff  will not edit or monitor the dialog provided through chat sessions or participation in the discussion forums. If you include contact information in the discussion forums, you may receive e-mail or other contact from other individuals.

Other information
Other information from members will NOT be released beyond the ISM-Philadelpha office and Board of Directors, unless the said member agrees to it.

Opt Out / Restricted Use
Any member has the right to restrict or opt out of communicating contact information, but must advise the ISM-Philadelphia office of his/her decision or instructions. ISM-Philadelphia will satisfy these requests wherever possible. It may however happen that certain instructions may not be manageable by the office.  In such case, no information will be released beyond the ISM-Philadelphia office and Board of Directors.

Members are advised that joining ISM-Philadelphia or engaging in its activities, imply the acceptance of these above mentioned principles, especially with respect to communication beyond the member community.