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Call for Nominations: 2021 — What’s in It for Me?

ISM Philadelphia needs you for its leadership team!

Do you have solid leadership and decision making skills? Are you interested in helping ISM Philadelphia ensure its success and growth in the future? Can you commit a few hours each month? 

Why should you be on the ISM Leadership Team? Because helping out ISM will benefit you personally! That’s right — volunteering for leadership brings many benefits to you, the volunteer, not just the people you serve. People like you volunteer their time and talents every day to help others and even to help themselves. Many people who volunteer with ISM report that the personal benefits they receive from their efforts far outweigh the small sacrifices of time and talent that may be required. Many of the main benefits members can gain from volunteering some of their time and energies to ISM are truly in the best interest of the individual:

  • To learn new skills or enhance existing ones
  • Be regarded as an “expert” in supply chain
  • To gain status or increased visibility — to be noticed and recognized
  • To enhance your résumé
  • To expand your network
  • To gain leadership experience
  • To explore new career opportunities
  • To be an instrument of change
  • To receive special perks
  • To feel good
  • To keep busy


You have probably considered volunteering as a leader on several occasions but may have held yourself back for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you felt that you didn’t have the time to take on additional responsibilities. Who wants to add volunteer responsibilities to a plate that is probably already full with employment, family, and community responsibilities? Busy volunteers report that one of the benefits they gain from volunteering is enhanced skills in time management, delegation, and prioritization to help them more effectively handle their many responsibilities both on the job and at home. 

Nominations right now are being accepted for the 2021 – 2022 Board of Directors.  Director responsibilities can be found on the ISM Philadelphia website (ism-phila.org) in the By-laws. 

If you have questions about what it’s like to participate in ISM Philadelphia leadership, please contact Jim Haile, Nominations Chair at [email protected]