Virtual Mega Meeting

March 10, 2021
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Virtual Zoom Meeting


Date: Wednesday March 10, 2021 from 6:00pm-8:00pm
Cost: Free on Zoom

You are invited to join our 6th Mini Mega-Meeting sponsored by five Supply Chain organizations and hosted by the ASCM PHILADELPHIA chapter on Zoom. The student chapters from Temple and Drexel Universities are joining us.

A Life of Abundance: 2020 to Survive, 2021 to Thrive!

The beginning of a new year always brings hope for the future that one will thrive under better conditions. But how does one cope with the aftermath of the previous year when survival was paramount. Many people see their work, their lives and the entire world as viewed from both ends of the following spectrum:

SCARCITY <------------------------------------------------------------------> ABUNDANCE

This is not just a glass half-full or half-empty approach, but rather, recognition that there is more than enough available.  There's an awesome array of possibilities for all of us—so much that there's no reason to ever use language which negates those possibilities.  What would happen if, when we expressed our vision of the future, we consistently used the word "AND" followed by the ways we'll make it happen, instead of the word "BUT" connected to the idea's unlikely success?

Living life with this kind of enthusiasm needs references, resources, and tools, which we can all carry with us 24/7. Come and see how simple (yet profound) they are and the amazing amount of power to choose your own direction that each of us holds within us!

Learn Inspirational techniques and share your experiences with discussion questions while networking.


Mike Ford is a Supply Chain Expert with TQM Works Consulting with numerous credentials. He provides innovative solutions, based on 35 years of experience in retail, distribution, manufacturing, and consulting.  His work history includes software implementation, business planning, inventory control, distribution planning, and corporate training.  This includes a broad range of experience from ETO (Engineer to Order) to MTS (Make to Stock), as well as non-profits, service, and Department of Defense.

He has presented at 400 industry events throughout the U.S., Canada, Japan, Nigeria, S. Africa and Australia, and has provided 5,900 hours of classroom training, averaging 4.5/5.0 on evaluations. Ford combines his technical expertise with personal skills, to develop a unique “outside the box” approach to life’s challenges.  He is a charismatic speaker who specializes in delivering training that is “edu-taining.”




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