CPSM Micro Learning Module 3

December 08, 2020
5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Virtual Zoom Meeting


This virtual learning series will be conducted by Jim Moran,C.P.M., CPSM, CPCM, CCC-AP & MBA, over a period of 8 weeks to prepare the supply management professional to take the CPSM Exam # 1. The learning series will be broken up into 4 modules to be addressed at the participant's own pace. 

Topics include sourcing, negotiation, category management, legal, contractual, supplier relationship management, cost and price management and financial analysis. Each module will be released 2 weeks after the previous module.

Note: This program will be a series of live zoom meetings and participant's self paced learning. The program will consist of 11 modules, each containing between 7 - 13 lessons. The first lesson in each module will be a live zoom meeting that will be recorded and copied to the material distribution software that each participant will receive access to via their own user name and password.

The modules are designed to follow the CPSM exam material for each of the three exams;  exam 1 will consist of 4 modules, exam 2 will consist of 3 modules and exam 3 will consist of 4 modules.

It is recommended that participants attend the first lesson via zoom and then complete the rest of the lessons at their own pace. You will then receive the next module two weeks after the previous module. There will be a break between each exam segments.  

In addition,  Jim is offering 12-months of ongoing support to each participant at a cost of $100. The price includes a zoom Q&A every two weeks and access to the material for 12 months from your first access.



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