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Board of Directors

Erica S.A. Patterson, DM

Philadelphia Gas Works


What Erica loves about ISM-Philly: 
The diverse family oriented atmosphere and collaborative learning element that the members bring to the profession of Supply Chain Management.

Fun fact about Erica:
I am a Foodie and plan to travel to Dubai in the next two years.

Christopher Robert, Jr., CPSM


1st Vice President

What Chris loves about ISM-Philly:
I love the networking aspect of ISM Philly – you can meet people in all different areas of procurement and supply chain, but we all have similar stories on how we are driving procurement performance in our organizations.

Fun fact about Chris:
I once danced for 48 hrs straight at Penn State THON to raise money for kids with pediatric cancer. 

Michael Oliveri

KC Business Consultants

2nd Vice President

What Michael loves about ISM-Philly:

I love the many opportunities to network and exchange knowledge with world-class professionals who share my interest in our Industry.  I am a Learner by nature, and enjoy the various choices the ISM Phila team offers to increase my knowledge and credentials as a supply chain professional.  Most importantly, I am grateful to be a part of an organization that is committed to advancing the knowledge of our industry to the Philly region and supporting our members business development goals.

A fun fact about Michael: 

My Uncle Dan Cedrone is the guitar player in the famous, iconic song, “Rock Around the Clock”, recorded in 1954 by Bill Haley & His Comets.  Uncle Danny pioneered the “Rockabilly” guitar sound and is credited with being one of the originators or Rock & Roll.  Unfortunately, he died in a freak accident in 1954 shortly after the song was released and his family never received any royalties for his work.  He was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in the early 2000’s where his picture and guitar are permanently enshrined.

James Robert Moran, C.P.M., CPSM

JRM Supplier Consulting, LLC


What Jim loves about ISM-Philly:
The chance to network with professional peers.

Fun fact about Jim:
Organized and led a cultural social club in college "The Gaelic Society".

Rene Polutan


Past President

What Rene loves about ISM-Philly: 
The opportunity to network with folks from the same profession.

Fun fact about Rene: 
Rene is an avid collector of live music recordings. Have 10,000 hours - need more

Denise Pugliese

Commonwealth Capital Corp.


What Denise love about ISM-Philadelphia:

The opportunity offered to even non-procurement professionals to learn from its members who are working everyday in the procurement/purchasing areas of their companies.   ISM-Philadelphia provides through their virtual and in-person networking and education programs the important landscape to build and strengthen relationships that impact people’s lives through the products and services that ISM-members facilitate for their companies in the profit and non-profit sectors.  

A fun fact about Denise:

I’m slowly checking off the items on my “bucket list.”   I’m planning soon to gather a few friends and family members for a trip to a Dude Ranch in Texas – and this is very unusual for a woman who  never wears jeans.    I just want to ride horses, herd cattle and sing by the campfire.    We’ll see😊 Or, maybe I’ll just keep that on hold for another year or so???   It’s an Out of the Box Year for sure.

Steven Schwartz, CPSM, C.P.M., A.P.P.



What Steve loves about ISM-Philly:
What I like about ISM Philly is everyone at ISM Phil is looking to give back – offering supply chain resources and knowledge to members, students, and the community in general

Fun fact about Steve:
I have no formal musical training, but mix sound for churches

Rachel Crusco, CPSM

Philadelphia Gas Works


What Rachel loves about ISM-Philly:

I love that ISM-Philly provides me with the opportunity to network and share ideas with like-minded professionals at the various meetings and workshops available to members. 

 A fun fact about Rachel:

I was the volunteer coach of a competitive youth cheerleading team for over 10 years. 

Sharon Manker, M.Ed.

American Water


What Sharon loves about ISM-Philly:

The opportunities for professional development programs, resources and connecting to industry giants in supply chain and supplier diversity.

Fun fact about Sharon:

I tried to snowboard and rolled down the hill like a bowling ball knocking over people. It was my first time and I was in France so my host mom just told them… “She’s American” and everyone laughed hysterically! I was only 18 so I was so embarrassed. I learned it is okay to laugh at yourself!  

Bill Twohig

TW Metals


Jeffrey Petrosky

M. Cohen & Sons


What Jeffrey loves about ISM-Philly: I love the regular educational opportunities that ISM Philly provides through it Business Education Series. It’s a great way to stay current on topics trending in the field and earn continuing education credits needed for certification.

Fun fact about Jeffrey: In trips ranging from 10-90 days, I have spent over a year of my life living and working in China.

David Panzera, CPSM

Arkema Inc

2020 Nominatons Chair