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Continuing Education Hours

Continuing Education Hours (CEHs) are needed to recertify ISM issued certifications. ISM will accept CEHs related to business, computers, your job, your company, or your product. ISM will NOT accept any courses related to Safety, First Aid, or Driver's Ed.

At least two-thirds of the CEHs must be educational in nature. One-third may be earned in the professional contributions category. ISM does not pre-approve CEHs for recertification.

Categories for earning CEHs are:

  1. College Courses (taken or taught)

  2. Continuing Education Courses (taken or taught)

  3. Contributions to the Profession

  4. CPSM® or CPSD™ Exams (20 CEHs per exam, this option is only available during the last year of the certification period or during the grace period)

CEH credit will only be allowed for programs that are educational in content and are at least one hour in length. Networking sessions and exhibits are considered informational and not educational. When calculating CEHs, do not include lunch or break times in the total number of hours being claimed.

Written documentation must be submitted for each CEH. The documentation should consist of the program name, program date, number of actual seminar/classroom hours, and appropriate signature from supervisor or instructor. Submit the form(s) with your Recertification Application.

Hours not used for the current recertification period, and earned within 120 days of the current certificate expiration date, may be applied toward the next Recertification period.

Request a Program Number (not required)

There is no requirement to apply for or receive an ISM program number in order to claim credit for Continuing Education Hours (CEHs).
ISM does not approve, endorse, certify, or sponsor programs by providing a program number.
Program sponsors may note in their literature that program participants can earn CEHs that may be applied toward ISM's CPSM recertification, CPSD recertification, C.P.M. recertification, and/or A.P.P. reaccreditation program requirements. Please use the following wording including the note: Participants who successfully complete this program will receive (insert number) hours of continuing education. They may be applied toward ISM CPSM recertification, CPSD recertification, C.P.M. recertification, and/or A.P.P. reaccreditation program requirements. Note: ISM does not endorse, certify or sponsor this program or its content.
If you would like a program number issued, please select one of the following options:

  •      By filling the form out online

  •      By e-mailing the Professional Credentials Department at [email protected]

Search online for ISM seminars and other programs that offer continuing education hours.

If you have any questions, please contact the Professional Credentials Department via e-mail at [email protected].